About Us

We are a family run business, as a large family we have always enjoyed the extra space, the freedom, the pleasure and the fun to be had relaxing outdoors, cooking outdoors and enjoying meals together with friends and family. So we started a business to bring together the very best in outdoor living, cooking and relaxing. So you can enjoy your garden and use it as an extension to your home as we do. To get the best out of your garden, whatever the time of year, to make the entertaining and catering for your guests a pleasure, whether it's a small barbecue or a big party, our goal is to provide the very best equipment so you can make the most out of your great outdoors.

Here is an introduction to some of our partners:


We are proud to supply Blistering Woodfired Ovens range of high quality pizza ovens, beautifully designed by Nigel Tunnicliff and Tim Reeves, these ovens have been honed by the team at Blistering. For 20 years Blistering have been at the top of the outdoor catering industry from huge corporate events to intimate weddings their skills and expertise have earned them an enviable reputation. The ovens are hand made at a small factory in Shropshire, so when you buy Blistering you're not just buying a pizza oven you're buying 20 years of woodfired oven cooking experience and nothing less than a piece of art individually created by a team of skilled British craftsmen.


Bon Fire make very high quality Gas barbecue grills in 3 different designs and as always with Bon Fire they produce models that are equally happy in your garden or versatile enough to be taken out on your travels, the exciting tripod system allows you to safely cook outdoors over open fires, a whole new dimension to outdoor cooking.


The OneQ range of modular outdoor kitchen units allows you to build an outdoor kitchen that fits the space you have available, and as it's modular and semi permanent it can be taken apart and transported should you move home, and added to if your new space is bigger.


Quinta Kamado is a family business the same as ours, who import handmade Kamado grills and we are very proud to be able to supply these as a partner of Quinta Kamado, they have fantastic customer support, great knowledge and again as we do love to cook and eat outdoors.