Blistering Woodfired 120cm Pizza Oven

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120cm Woodfired Pizza Oven

If you're thinking of feeding parties of twelve or more, or if you just like the idea of having size on your side, then the Yorkshire 120 is the top choice as a domestic 120cm woodfired pizza oven.

The carefully moulded concrete shell has been designed to provide a cavernous cooking space. The structure is rock-solid and non-portable, designed to be built into your garden, or garden wall. You may use our own custom fitting program, or hire local practitioners. Either way, Blistering Woodfired Ovens can help you design the masonry to create an eye-catching enhancement in your outdoor space.

The Yorkshire 120's added insulation means it rises to cooking temperature with optimum efficiency, and stays hot for long periods. It is an excellent choice if you like the idea of slow cooking overnight, for example, plus it can be kept hot between meals with minimum maintenance or additional firewood.

Our 120cm woodfired pizza oven has an internal cooking floor of 1 metre so there's little it can't do when it comes to perfecting a wide range of range of alfresco dishes. 

Blistering Woodfired Ovens have held nothing back in designing the Yorkshire 120 as the strongest, most robust version of our famous Blistering Woodfired Oven range. Quite simply, it is the King of outdoor eating.

Internal Diameter 1000mm

Heat Up Time 45 Minute to an Hour Weather Dependent

Pizza Capacity 10" 


As with all Blisterings Woodfired Pizza ovens they have been lovingly designed by professional Chefs and are hand made in Shropshire by British craftsmen they really are a work of art that would form the focal point in anyone's outdoor kitchen. 

This domestic woodfired pizza oven is covered under our 2-year domestic-use warranty

Door, chimney, cowl and oven thermometer
Also includes the exclusive Blistering £130 starter-pack Oven Bundle:
Wooden pizza paddle (for inserting pizza), metal pizza paddle (for removing pizza), log mover, oven brush, Flamers (fire lighters) and kiln dried logs.