Bon Fire Bread Stick and Skewer Support Pole

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The Bon Fire support Pole holds the Bread Stick Pole or Skewer Pole over the heat whilst your doing other things, great when you have a number of items cooking and have limited hands to help

Fire is heat. Fire is Bon-fire cooking. From ancient times, fire has been an important part of humans lives. Fire meant heat and power. It meant warm meals. And fire creates a bright and warm centre in our lives. Fire can be used throughout the year. It is wonderful in the springtime and during the bright summer nights – but winter is also Bon-fire cooking time.



Please light fires carefully always ensure you have adequate space aren't close to any property or countryside that may ignite and have a working fire extinguisher or a bucket of water or sand close by. Never light a fire indoors and do not allow unsupervised children to play by an open fire