Bon Fire Cooking Tripod Set 1

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Fire is heat. Fire is Bon-fire cooking. From ancient times, fire has been an important part of humans lives. Fire meant heat and power. It meant warm meals. And fire creates a bright and warm centre in our lives. Fire can be used throughout the year. It is wonderful in the springtime and during the bright summer nights – but winter is also Bon-fire cooking time.

The heart of the Bonfire outdoor cooking system is the tripod, this set comprises of a Tripod (separable), Grill grid, and chains. You can also choose to order with a set of storage bags to keep your equipment clean and protected when not in use. This kit will enable you too cook over an open fire, the chains adjust in height to ensure your cooking is done at the optimum temperature. Various accessories are available to expand your out door culinary experience. 

Please light fires carefully always ensure you have adequate space aren't close to any property or countryside that may ignite and have a working fire extinguisher or a bucket of water or sand close by. Never light a fire indoors and do not allow unsupervised children to play by an open fire.