Hampshire Log Cabin

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The neatly designed 3.9 metre  x 3.9 metre square Hampshire has triple windows down one wall and French doors in the gable ended entrance, this cabin is light and airy, big enough to accommodate all your garden furniture or to use as a small garden office, it would also make a delightful dining and entertaining room giving views on two sides into your garden.

Constructive system: Interlocking

Width: 3900 mm / 12’79″ ft

Depth: 3900 mm/ 12’79″ ft

Eaves Height: 2000 mm / 6’56″ ft

Ridge Height: 2500 mm / 8’20″ ft

Wood: Nordic Spruce, Kiln-dried


Pressure Treated Bearers

Bearers Height: 70 mm

Space inbetween Bearers: max. 650 mm


Boards Thickness: 19 mm

Tongue & Groove

No finger joints


44 mm, 70 mm, Penguin 153 mm


Roof Beams

Boards Thickness: 19 mm

Tongue & Groove

Front Overhang: 500 mm

Side Overhang: 90 mm

Roof Covering: Not included